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Athy Powersports

Six Gears is a novel written by Anthony Athy Jr. based on the lives of six friends trying to live life to the fullest. Throughout their daily routines, they deal with everyday struggles and successes such as love, lust, fantasy, dreams, goals, family, friendship, responsibilities, money, crime, drama, lies, corruption, honesty, tribulations, philanthropy, work, politics, and so much more. 


This action-packed novel is sure to resonate with anyone attempting to navigate today's world while trying to enjoy life in the process - especially those into motorcycle riding/racing or automotive enthusiasts. 

Six Gears Paperback

  • Marquis “Move Out” Mariolis had huge aspirations of using his athletic ability to change his life leaving behind his mischievous ways as a teen. With the help of his high school coach, Move Out began to mature into a distinguished young man. His entire life changed when a lie brought his world to a crashing halt. Although the truth eventually prevailed, the damage done to his life and goals set him on a new path. Obtaining influential guidance from those who learned from past mistakes, Move Out adapted to his new journey. As an adult, he developed even larger goals to ensure the youth from his community didn’t follow criminal ways. He sought to make a difference in his community and the world. Marquis built a hidden empire without the help of his extremely successful friends to offer them full deniability. His plan was to use the resources from his empire to witness his goals come to fruition. Move Out's ultimate goal was centered around getting the underprivileged to the upper echelon of motorcycle racing. While striving to make a difference, he and his five closest friends lived like tomorrow would never arrive. Throughout his journey, Move Out learned the best-laid plans can go awry even with the best intentions in mind.