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Athy Powersports

Six Gears - GP Shift is the sequel to Six Gears by readers' request. It contains all the action packed suspense found in Six Gears and more. 

Six Gears - GP Shift Paperback (Sequel)

  • Although Marquis “Move Out” Mariolis willed his friends the resources to make his goals become reality after his disappearance, new hindrances surfaced in the lives of those who interacted with Move Out around the time of his surmised death. Back-to-back obstacles were a constant battle for anyone attempting to offer something positive toward the completion of Move Out’s requested wishes. Compounding stumbling blocks affected everyone from teenagers who had a traumatic childhood to city council members in different communities while reaching as far as the executive branch of state government. However, through all the turmoil, Move Out had secretly done so many good deeds prior to his untimely departure as well as in his absence, karma was able to counterbalance the troubles evolving in the lives of those who were associated with Move Out. Did Move Out execute enough good deeds to bring about a positive change to his community, or will the same politics and lies which initially ruined Move Out’s life continue to hurt those who were closest to him? The community has their sight set on the former.